Public Business Law

Public and private contracts - Complex contracts - Public procurement - Public international law - Community law

Genesis Avocats provides advice and litigation services to public and private individuals.

  • Public contracts (contracts, PSD, PPP, CPI, BEA, concessions, AOT) and private contracts (subcontracting, grouping agreements) and management methods (direct management, delegated management, SEM, SPL, SEMOP)
  • Assistance in the choice of the appropriate contract and the drafting of specifications, definition of procedures and assistance in the procurement process (sectors of activity: transport, waste, water, construction, ports, etc.)
  • Audit of procedures and contracts
  • Assistance in redefining the conditions of execution (company failure, amendment, termination) or control (CRC...)
  • Pre-contractual and contractual referrals, preventive referrals, expertise referrals, provision referrals, suspension referrals: the firm has developed a know-how that enables it to establish an appropriate diagnosis
  • Litigation of administrative liability
  • Competition law and criminal market law, assistance and representation before national (competition authority, Paris Court of Appeal) and European (Commission, CFI, ECJ) courts
  • Assistance and representation before regulatory authorities

Genesis Avocats is classified by Décideurs :

« Unavoidable », Public Business Law - Urban Planning and Development - 2020 ranking

« Strong notoriety », Public Business Law - Public Domain - Rankings 2020

« Excellent », Local Authorities & Mixed Economies - 2019 Ranking

« Strong notoriety », Administrative Contracts & Related Litigation - 2019 Ranking

« Deemed Practice », Regulated Sectors - 2019 Ranking


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Genesis Avocats

GENESIS AVOCATS is a firm with a human dimension, whose lawyers and administrative staff are highly technical.

Legal expertise, availability, and personalized advice are at the service of its clients in order to favour a strategy based on sustainable development projects.